Player & Management team Sponsorships. £100 per player.

E mail for more information.

You or your company name will appear next to the player below and also in the match day programme. You also receive free membership to AFC Dunstable, free admission to 5 league home games of which one you will be guest of the club.

If the companies below are in blue text, click to link directly to their website.


 Leon Cashman -Age 34 - Defender - Captain

Sponsored by Directional CIC   

 Ryan Frater - Age 33 - Defender

Sponsored by Steve Cantellow

 Christian Tavernier - Age 25 - Defender

Sponsored by J&R Coaching

 Adam Watkins - Age 26 - Midfield

Sponsored by Trishan Patel Coaching

 Kyle Ajayi - Age 18 - Midfield

Sponsored by Carl Newbury

 Newman Carney - Age 24 - Defender

Sponsored by Carl Newbury

 Terry Griffiths - Age 27 - Defender

Sponsored by CME Heating

 Danny May - Age 29 - Defender

Sponsored by Craig Renfrew

 Dylan Baker - Age 17 - Midfield

Sponsored by Jacamo

 Alex Ward - Age 19 - Midfield

Sponsored by Leighton Computers

 Luke Abraham - Age 27 - Defender

Available to sponsor

 Charlie Clayton - Age 21 - Forward

Sponsored by Craig Renfrew

 Joe Steele - Age 20 - Defender

Sponsored by Dave Lawlor

 Jamie Head - Age 23 - Goalkeeper

Sponsored by 1981 Events

 Joel Norris - Age 28 - Forward

Sponsored by Dominic Spong


Rafe Goodman - sponsored by Dave Lawlor - picture to follow

Tony Burnett - available to sponsor - picture to follow

BJ Christie - sponsored by Richard Church - picture to follow

Nathan Frater - sponsored by Irmak BBQ - picture to follow




Steve Heath (Manager)

Sponsored by Leighton Computers

Matt Langston (Coach) 

Sponsored by Leighton Computers

Bianca Jackman (Sports Therapist)

Sponsored by MagicTouch(GB)Ltd


Enzo Silvestri (Coach) - sponsored by Leighton Computers - picture to follow

































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