Despair turns to delight

While our club secretary Craig Renfrew was rooting in his shed trying to make up a kit from old shirts and socks for one of AFC Dunstable's youth teams, he returned to his living room realising it was not going to happen and with finances tight would probably have to order a new kit.

He turned on his television and the Transfer Centre on Sky Sports News came on. All of a sudden all these mind boggling amounts of money were being bounded about on what some professional club were paying out on transfers and wages.

Neymar to PSG, £200 million, wages £500,000 per week, Man City spending £200 million on 3 players. He then commented to his partner Angela that with all this money sloshing about, AFC were scrapping around trying to afford to buy a kit.

Borne out of frustration, he took to twitter to express his views on the clubs page.  All of a sudden he was getting support in the terms of retweets and likes. One reply stood out though from James Gunn. It said "this have hit a nerve with me! I will buy one of the kids kits through my company"

Craig was asked to email James, which he did, and dialogue started up that Midland Machinery Supplies of Great Horwood would sponsor a youth team kit, so they decided on one of AFC's Under 10 teams.

Craig said "not in my wildest dreams did I think someone would reply offering to sponsor a kit, that was not my intention, I was just getting frustration off of my chest. So when James was so kind to make this offer, I was gobsmacked. It just goes to show, there are very kind people out there"

Both parties have now agreed that they will meet up with the team to watch them play a game and have a team photo taken with their new sponsor. 

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