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I firstly would like to start by saying how much I am looking  forward  to the challenge of being the new manager of AFC Dunstable.
The reason I wanted to take this position is because it is a different challenge than I have had in my previous managerial roles. When you are taking over from a management team, that has been successful over the last 8 years with their achievements, and the football they have played, the loyalty they have rightly deserved from the players and supporters it is never going to be easy.
After discussions with Simon the chairman and the other committee members I could sense their enthusiasm and commitment for the club, and this is something very important to me to be able to take them forward in the right direction.

From a personal point of view, I think the timing is very good to take over, I feel that I have enough time this season to have a look at some of the younger players and hopefully keep the better more experienced players and not be under pressure to get results. The club is in a stable position in the league and I feel this time is all about building the foundations for next season.

My long term plans are to build strong links between the youth, reserve and first team, then try to get the first team in a position where they are competing to get to the next level in the future.
Hopefully you all will realise, that we are going to need a little bit of patience this season to get to where we want to be next season.
I will work as hard as I can to push things forward and to try and achieve these goals as soon as I can.

Steve Heath.
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