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AFC Dunstable Anniversary

25th Anniversary

Over the weekend of 10th November to 12th November 2006

To celebrate the clubs 25th Anniversary the club held a Golf Day at the Three Locks Golf Club on Friday 10th November 2006. Following on at The White Swan PH we held a fund raising evening which culminated in Eric Woolf having his back waxed

On Sunday 12th November 2006 we held a Veterans Game for some of the ex players.


20th Anniversary

Saturday 31st March 2001

The club enjoyed a great day to celebrate our 20th anniversary. A 5 a side tournament was the highlight of the day. Below is pictured all the teams that took place. Many more ex players attended for the evening to socially mix with everyone.

6 of the original team who played in the first ever game.
Left to right: Dave Neasham:John Mullins:Chris Bolton:George Gater:Paul Marlow:Julian Barrett.

Left to right. Martin Lauder:Simon Bullard:Dermot Butler:Adrian Yule:Nick Elms.

Left to right. Chris Tubb:Scott Covington:Allan Smallbones:Geoff Stoker:Andy Judge:Jim Smallbones.

Left to right. Jim Stacey:Neil Rigby:Chris Ginns:Pete Stacey:Barry Harrison.

Left to right. Julian Barrett:Martin Shambrook:Steve Amos:Brian Murphy.

Left to right. Jack Smith:Robbie Watson:Steve Doherty:John Watson:Chris Watson.

Left to right.Grahame Thompson:George Gater:John Mullins:Steve Spokes:Andy Spokes.

Left to right.Darren Snee:Mark Reeves:Lee Ewins:Terry Burgess:Paddy O'Hara.

Left to right.Dave Kefford.Dave Wilson:Gavin Taylor:Sam Clarke:Marcus Osborn.

Left to right.Ian Keogh:Steve Rennison:Roy Covington:Brett Alligan:Carl Cheshire.

Left to right.Matt Kiteley:Mark Herron:Dave Nathan:Dave Fullerton:Michael Yorke:Gavin Covington.

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