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Under 9's

Members Of The Filmergraphics Mini Soccer League.

Home Ground. Brewers Hill School

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League Table

18 November

N/Herts Olympians 5 v 1 A.F.C Dunstable

This was a classical game of two halfs.I decided to try something new with our formation by playing a 3,3 formation. It failed big time. SORRY about that hands up my fault.
North Herts were creating some good chances in the first half and took thwe lead following an error from us. they then quickly scored a second.
There 4rth & 5th were unfortunate own goals.
Joe had a great chance to pull one back but scuffed it straight at their keeper, then their keeper saved Coreys penalty. Before they scored a really good 5th.
Then came the transformation. Boy did we play some good stuff as we really went for it. I lost count of the chances we created from some real free flowing football Joe could of had a hatrick Ben could of had a couple same for Ewan and just about every one else or so it felt. We totally dominated proceedings. Credit where credit is due their keeper had a blinder although im sure he gave herts manager a few mild heart attacks when he kept charging out.
Finally our leading goal scorer this season Ewan popped up with a cool headed finnish to score much to the delight of all. Shame the ref blew up straight after that.

Scorer:- Ewan
Sub:- Ewan

11 November

Bedford F.C Juniors 6 v 2 A.F.C Dunstable

Bedford proved to be a v.good team who played good football. They deserved to win & they wanted it more which is the thing I find hardest to take.
Ben & Ewan scored our goals.

Goal scorers:- Ben,Ewan
Team:- Harry,George,Joe,Amy,Ewan,Ben,Matt Corey,Alex
M/o/M :- Harry

4th November

A.F.C.Dunstable 0 v 2 Flitwick Eagles

The winter is now upon us so expect some tough conditions and some tough games and I geuss they arn't going to come much harder than Flitwick.
What a good game this turned out to be. I thought this was our best preformance of the season so far, all the players were up for it and got stuck in from the first minute to the last. Harry in goal was outstanding and what a save in the second half when the Eagles winger broke into our box and lashed a shot goalwards I thought it was in but Harry just got a big enough hand on it to tip it over.
Again Amy had a superb game as did Joe & Josh. Corey Alex Ewan & Matt were all working there collective socks off in our 4 man midfield.
It was a change of tactics that was working well in restricting chances on our goal but did limit us a bit when going foward.We did create some chances but for the first time this season we didn't score.
Unfortunatly Flitwick did right near the end of the first half with a well taken goal just beating Harry low down to his right and again right at the end of the game when a defencive mix up let them in again.

Team:- Harry,Josh,Amy,Joe,Ewan,Alex,Corey,Matt
Sub :-Joe
M/o/M :- Amy

14th October

Shillington & Gravenhurst 3 v 4 A.F.C Dunstable

Our third win of the season in a game that I think we could of doubled the score line.
The way that we attacked was very encouraging,all we needed was a couple of cool heads when it comes to shooting or slipping in a pass to a team mate at the right time and we could of had a hatful.
That said it was our dynamo in the middle of the park Ewan who scored the first two goals of the game in another excelent preformance from our M/o/M. but it wasn't only Ewan who was playing well Matt up front Corey and Alex on the wings were all having good games. Also George & Josh at the back & Harry in goal were all looking solid.
So I was taken back a bit by S&G; scoring to make it 2-1 and then to my horror bang 2-2. We were creating some real good chances and how we didn't add to the score I dont know. Saying that Harry also made a couple of fine saves to stop them scoring aswell. Ewan had a fantastic attempt at goal from the halfway line when he smacked a volley that from were I stood was going staight in, but it just crept wide.
Well 2-2 at half time. Second half started and of we went again with Alex trying a long range effort that crept in through the keepers legs. By the look on Alex's face I think he was as supprised as the rest of us that it went in, but if you don't shoot you don't score. We had some corners where I was sure Joe was going to score but he somehow managed to slice it wide. Matt had a great free kick saved well by their keeper. Again we could of scored from the follow up. Ithink every player in our team apart from George and Amy had a good chance to score or score more than they did. Ben added our forth with a well taken finnish before S&G; scored with 5 minutes left leaving us with a nervy finnish to the game.
But win we did so well done to all the players for that.
Now we have to see if we can put together back to back wins or at least not lose the next game. Luckly for us its only the league champs next. We beat them in the cup final so come on team lets see what your made of and lets do it again.

Goal scorers:- Ewan 2, Alex, Ben
Team:- Harry, George, Josh, Alex, Ewan, Corey,Matt
Subs:- Amy, Joe, Ben
M/o/M:- Ewan

07th October

A.F.C.Dunstable 1 v 8 Central M/K

well we got well and truly spanked. If alex hadn't played as well as he did it could well have been double figures.
We gave our all but against a very good M/K team it just wasn't enough. We were 3 down at half time and had created 3 good chances ourselfs but we just couldn't take any of them.
For the first 5 minutes of the second half we got at M/K and Ewan who gave everything he had scored to take it to 1-3 but that was as good as it got for us as M/K just overpowered & out played us as soon as they got their 4rth.

Goal Scorer:- Ewan
Team:- Alex George Joe Ewan Corey Matt Ben
Subs:- Amy Josh
Mo/M:- Alex

30th September

A.F.C Kempston 1 v 2 A.F.C Dunstable

Our second win of the season and a hard fought victory it was. All the goals came in the first half with Corey getting the opener after some fine defending by Josh who won the ball at the back before knocking it up field for Ben and Matt to combine and set Corey up for his third goal of the season.Better was to follow with Corey winning the ball out wide right then bursting foward and playing a great ball across the pitch to Matt who was bursting into space down the left, Matt then ran the ball into the box before slotting home.
This ment that not only had we opened the scoring first for the first time this season but we had taken a 2 goal lead, things were looking up.
Just when I thought we are looking comftable one of the Kempston players hits a fantastic volly from way out that gets deflected past Harry. I think that was the only way Harry was going to be beaten as he was having his best game for us so far.
All in all I think this was a great team preformance no silly errors that have cost us so dear in previous weeks.
Well done to all of the team for this win.

Goal Scorrers:- Corey Matt
Team:-Harry Josh George Ewan Corey Matt Ben
Subs:- Joe Amy Alex
M/o/M:- Alex
23 September
A.F.C Dunstable 2 v 5 Dunstable Town B

This was our opening home game of the season and it turned out to be a game of 2 halfs. In a entertaining first half in which both teams played well, it looked like this match was going to be a closley fought game. Town took the lead from a corner which we just didn't deal with.
We fought back well and created a few openings but didn't convert, then up popped Alex with a determined run and a great finnish to make the scores level.
Half time 1-1 now we had the wind behind us for the second half but just didn't take advantage of it. It turned out to be a one sided half and a couple of quick goals put Town ahead, with that our heads seemed to drop and they just pushed home that and scored another. Josh got a good goal back for us with a break away effort, before Town rounded up the scoreing with a fifth.
I think that we need to get our passing game going a bit more and cut out some very basic errors if we are to do anything in the league this season.

Goal Scorers:- Alex, Josh
Team:- Harry Joe George Matt Ewan Corey Ben
Subs:- Josh Alex Amy
M/o/M:- Ewan
16th September
Langford 2 v 3 A.F.C Dunstable

What a difference a week makes.
Wow was this the same team that played last week.
Well done to all of you the way you played as a team this week was superb.
We went 1-0 down mid way through the first half to a good goal from Langford. Corey equalized before an own goal put us 2-1 infront from a corner. I think Matt would have tucked it away if the defender hadn't beaten him to it.
I think the half time lead was well deserved as we had created more chances thanks to some great work from the midfielders. They worked tirelessly along with ben up front. With only one sub I tried to rotate Ewan, Matt, Alex, Corey and Ben around to keep them as fresh as possable. The back three of Harry, George and Amy were superb. Amy and george were tackeling anyone that got into our half, if anybody did get through the pair of them they found Harry in great form.
Langford scored after we cleared a corner, the ball was knocked back in for their little centre foward to head home.
Ben banged in our winner with about 5 minutes left. How we didn't increase the lead I will never know there was a heck of a scramble in their area with just about every player in our team trying to shoot, it ended when Corey poked it agonisingly wide.

Goal Scorrers:- Corey & Ben
Team:- Harry George Amy Matt Ewan Alex Ben
Sub:- Corey
M/o/M Amy
9th September.
Icknield 7 v 2 A.F.C Dunstable

Not the start to the new season that any of us were hoping for.
After going 1-0 down to a good Icknield goal, A.F.C fought back well with Matthew lobbing their goalie for our opening goal of the season. That was to be followed quickley by our second from Corey following in a shot from Ben.
That was about as good as it got for us as we quickly went from 2-1 up to 3-2 down before half time. We were second best to everything for the rest of the match.
They scrambled in a forth then hit a cracker for a fifth. I moved Joe up front to play along side Ben, in hope of finding a couple of goals, leaving Josh by himself in defence. Unfortunatly for us Icknield defended fantasticly well and hit us on the break to notch up numbers 6 and 7.

Goal scorers:- Matt & Corey
Team :- Harry George Joe Corey Ewan Alex Ben
Subs :- Matt Josh

M/o/M :- Joe Church

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